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Our talk show program on YouTube is a network partner of Nerddom United, and hosted by Indianapolis-based authors John F. Allen and R.J. Sullivan. We also helped co-found the Speculative Fiction Guild, a regional, creative cooperative of genre authors, artists, editors and small press publishers.

The format of the Two Towers Talk Show is heavily involved and influenced by the film and television industries, as well as the speculative fiction, music and comic book industries. The Two Towers Talk Show website/blog gives fans the latest news and reviews on movies, TV, comics, music and more. We’re also integrated across various online outlets and social platforms.


John F. Allen aka Tower One, is an American writer born in Indianapolis, IN.  He began writing stories as early as the second grade, pursuing various forms of writing throughout his career. John’s debut novel, The God Killers was published in 2013 and introduces Ivory Blaque, a femm fatale who is the center of his literary universe, dubbed The Ivoryverse. He has since went on to publish a novella series titled: Codename: Knight Ranger, and it’s sequel, Codename Knight Ranger: The God Particle Conspiracy.
John’s short stories have been featured in such acclaimed collections as Thunder on the Battlefield: Sword, and Trajectories. These stories were compiled in John’s 2019 short story collection titled: The Best Is Yet To Come.
John currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his fiancee’. He’s a proud nerd, NFL fan and jazz aficionado.
Learn more about John @: www.johnfallenauthor.com


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R.J. Sullivan aka Tower Two, writes ghost story thrillers and science fiction. R.J. Sullivan’s novel Haunting Blue is an edgy paranormal thriller and the first book of the adventures of punk girl Fiona “Blue” Shaefer and her boyfriend Chip Farren. He also has the following works available: Haunting Obsession, a Rebecca Burton Novella, and Virtual Blue, the second part of Fiona’s tale. Commanding the Red Lotus is a novel-length collection of three space opera tales in the tradition of Andre Norton and Gene Roddenberry.

R.J.’s short stories have been featured in such acclaimed collections as Dark Faith Invocations by Apex Books and Vampires Don’t Sparkle. These stories were compiled in R.J.’s 2015 collection Darkness with a Chance of Whimsy.

R.J. resides with his family in Heartland Crossing, Indiana. He drinks his coffee from a Little Mermaid Mug and is man enough to admit it.

Learn more about R.J. at rjsullivanfiction.com


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