Indiana Jones 1

Today, Disney officially announced a fifth Indiana Jones movie, with Steven Spielberg returning as director, and Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role. The franchise, was part of the deal in which Disney acquired Lucasfilm, along with the Star Wars franchise, both of which Ford is tied to. The latest installment is scheduled to return to theaters on July 19, 2019. Lucasfilm’s President, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are slated as producers.

The first four Indiana Jones films together grossed nearly $2 billion globally (even though Star Wars: The Force Awakens, also from Disney/Lucasfilm outdid by itself). The franchise is considered by many as a pioneer in the modern action/adventure film genre. Ford’s portrayal of Indiana Jones, professor, archaeologist and explorer, paved the path for later heroes, such as video game characters: Nathan Drake and Lara Croft. 

Disney’s head honcho, Bob Iger confirmed back in December 2015, that a NEW Indiana Jones film was in the works, however this is the first official announcement which lists a director, producers, Harrison Ford’s confirmed involvement and a release date.

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