Hot on the heels of the announcement of Finn Jones being cast as Iron Fist in the upcoming Netflix series, a theory has been posed by The MCU Exchange and That Hashtag Show as to the identities of 4 supporting characters. 

Iron Fist Finn Jones

Due to some audition videos and new character breakdowns, the MCU Exchange/That Hashtag Show has surmised the identity of 4 supporting characters to appear in the Iron Fist Netflix TV series.

Here are the four character names: Coleen Wing (Lady Samurai and one of the Daughters of the Dragon, along with Misty Knight), Davos The Steel Serpent (an adversary of Iron Fist with ties to his past at K’un-Lun), Joy Meachum (CEO of Rand Meachum, INC.) and her ruthless Uncle, Ward Meachum.

Iron Fist 5.jpg

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