Paul Ryan Comic Book Artist

Veteran comic book artist, Paul Ryan who had a lengthy career with Marvel Comics titles, passed away Sunday. He was 66.
Ryan started with Marvel Comics back in 1985, where is first assignment was inking two issues of “The Thing.” From there, he was hired as penciller on Squadron Supreme, in 1986. The next year, he illustrated “Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 – the Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson Wedding issue.”
Ryan worked with the late, Mark Gruenwald on the title, “D.P.7” which was part of Marvel’s “New Universe” line. He worked on the series until the end of its run in 1989. Ryan was artist on two series at once, “Avengers West Coast,” and “Quasar,” until 1991, when he switched over to the titles of, “Iron Man” and “Fantastic Four.”


After years of work with Marvel throughout the ’80s and early ’90s, Ryan worked with DC Comics on titles such as “The Flash” and “Superman”. During the last ten years of his life, he worked on the “Phantom” comic strip.

We at Two Towers Talk Show mourn his passing.

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