What’s up everyone! This is Tower One aka John F. Allen, and here’s the run down of my Top 5 Most Anticipated Comic Book Movies for 2016!

apoc2685) X-Men: Apocalypse – I’m least excited about this film, which isn’t the same as not interested. I’m curious to see where this franchise takes the characters from this point and into the future. As it takes place in the 1980’s, will we see any foreshadowing of future films or those from the original trilogy? I liked X-Men: Days of Future Past, more than X-Men: First Class to be honest, and after that film and the “reset” of the X-Men universe, we now get to explore the early lives of the characters. I’m thinking that the next two films in the trilogy will lead into present and the young actors can carry the franchise into the future.





Doctor Strange Movie Poster4) Doctor Strange – As a long time comic book fan, I always liked Doctor Strange, but he was never my favorite. That said, I’m excited about the direction of this film and how it will tie into the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m really jazzed about the casting for this movie and think that Benedict Cumberbatch as Strange will be absolutely AWESOME! Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo is a departure from the comics, but a welcome one in my opinion. Also, the casting of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One is definitely thinking outside of the box. Benedict  Wong as Wong is perfect casting of a talented actor who can transcend the implied stereotypes of the role. I think Marvel continues to prove their commitment to diversity.




ssposter2683) Suicide Squad – This film made me scratch my head when it was first announced, but after learning of the casting and seeing the trailers, I’M ALL IN! The premise actually stays true to the source material and sets this film up to possibly be for DC, what Guardians of the Galaxy was for Marvel. I like Will Smith as Deadshot and I’m sure Margot Robbie is going to kill as Harley Quinn. At first, I was very skeptical of Jared Leto as The Joker, but from what I’ve seen thus far, I’m impressed. The rest of the cast appear to fit into their respective roles nicely, from what the trailers have shown us, in my opinion. I’m very curious as to the mystery role of Scott Eastwood.





civilwar2682) Captain America: Civil War – Following the HUGE success that was Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I think everyone’s curiosity was piqued as to whether the third film in the Captain America Trilogy would live up to the progression of increased success between the first and second outing. The loose adaptation of the Civil War comic, one of my favorite comic book events, which brings Iron-Man, several other Avengers and the introduction of the Black Panther into the fold, is certainly a MEGA step in the right direction. Although there are some who are concerned that the film will be “Too Busy” with characters, I’m extremely amped up to see all of them and don’t share those concerns in the least.





Batman v Superman Poster 11) Batman v Superman – I’ve been waiting forty years for this to happen and I’m the most excited for this film! Arguably the two most iconic comic book characters in history, Batman and Superman are bound to draw HUGE anticipation for fans of comics, comic book films  and virtually everyone else with a pulse. What started with Man of Steel, continues in this blockbuster movie, which will help to further establish the DC Cinematic Universe and is DC’s most highly anticipated DCCU film with the exception of the upcoming Justice League. I had my own reservations with Ben Affleck as Batman, but if the trailers are any indication, he will go above and beyond to vanquish those reservations and exceed my wildest expectations for his portrayal of one of my favorite comic book characters. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!




Well, there you have it folks, these are my Top 5 Most Anticipated Comic Book Movies for 2016! Be sure to comment below on what your most anticipated Comic Book Movies for 2016 are, we’d love to hear from you.


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