Monday night’s episode of Supergirl, will introduce Siobhan Smythe aka Silver Banshee, as portrayed by Italia Ricci (Chasing Life). Silver Banshee is a long time Superman villain introduced as Siobhan McDougal in Action Comics #595 back in 1987. The character was later retconned and dubbed Siobhan Smythe, who ended up as a major Supergirl antagonist. The character has also appeared on the animated series, Justice League Unlimited.

Silver_Banshee_2Silver Banshee

On Supergirl, the Smythe character will be hired by Cat Grant as a second assistant, which will bring her into direct conflict with Kara Danvers aka Supergirl. Not only will the two clash in their civilian identities, they will come to blows as their alter-egos as well. Silver Banshee will stir up trouble in National City and Supergirl will be there to stop her.

It hasn’t been established whether we’ll witness her transformation from Smythe to Silver Banshee, however speculation is that this will most likely occur around the same time as the crossover episode with The Flash, which is scheduled to air on March 28th.

Personally, I think the costume and make up is very faithful to what has been presented in the comics (see above). Please comment and let us know what you guys think!

A photo of Ricci as Silver Banshee has been released by ET Online.

Check out the pic below:

Italia Ricci as Silver Banshee

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