BvS Turkish Airlines Promo Pic 6

During Super Bowl 50, Turkish Airlines in conjunction Warner Bros released two commercials which not only promote the airline, but also the upcoming film Batman v Superman!

BvS Turkish Airlines Promo Pic 2BvS Turkish Airlines Promo Pic 4

I found the city scenery of both Gotham and Metropolis to be BEAUTIFUL!

BvS Turkish Airlines Promo Pic 5

Above and below are iconic depictions of notable sights from the comic book mythos.

BvS Turkish Airlines Promo Pic 3

Personally, I thought this was an exceptionally creative and provided fans anticipating the film a glimpse into the characters and thematic tone of the two cities of Gotham and Metropolis. Although fictional, they are brought to life in these short ads and almost become characters of the movie in their own right, which I feel is a definite plus in marketing. the TV spots also give Turkish Airlines attention they normally wouldn’t receive, which is great for them.

Overall I was impressed with these TV spots. Check them out below and let us know what you think.

Batman v Superman opens on March 25, 2016.

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