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Marvel recently announced a NEW cast member for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. The character of Wong is an Asian man, who in the comics, is also the faithful manservant to Doctor Strange. The idea of a minority serving in that role has ruffled the feathers of some fans.

Benedict Wong

The character of Wong was first introduced in the comics back in Strange Tales #110 (July, 1963). In the early days, he was portrayed as a manservant/valet to Doctor Stephen Strange, however over the years, his role was retconned to give him a more important and less stereotypical function. I am hoping that Marvel Studios has the foresight to NOT use this character as a simple manservant in the film, but to instead make him a mystical partner, spiritual guide and possibly caretaker to Strange’s mantle as Sorcerer Supreme. I have confidence that the folks at Marvel would know better than to stereotype a minority character, especially one with a history of that treatment in the comics.

The Hollywood Reporter has recently revealed that Benedict Wong (The Martian, Marco Polo, Kick Ass 2) has been cast to for the role of Wong. While actual details on this version of the character have not yet been revealed, again I have faith that we’ll be getting a more contemporary version, and not the racist stereotype of days past. What do you guys think about this development?

Doctor Strange Cast:

Doctor Strange – Benedict Cumberbatch
Unknown Role – Rachel McAdams
The Ancient One – Tilda Swinton
Baron Mordo – Chiwetel Ejiofor
Unknown Role – Mads Mikkelsen

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