By John F. Allen – January 22, 2016

Coincidentally, just as we’re only three months and some change) away from the cinematic debut of Captain America: Civil War, the “House of Ideas” is prepping for a sequel to the acclaimed mini-series which inspired the film. Civil War II, is set to be released just one month after Captain America: Civil War hits theaters.

The comic book limited series pits Iron-Man aka Tony Stark, against a different “Captain” this time around, none other than Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers, who is slated to be featured in her own highly anticipated, live-action film in 2019.
Personally, I was a fan of the original Civil War mini-series and have read it about three times, along with the novelization, penned by Stuart Moore. The civil liberties dynamic of Civil War I drew me in, despite the fallout from the battles.
According to Internet sources, the premise of Civil War II revolves around a mysterious seer who predicts that a catastrophe which results from the actions of a superhero, within three days (results resemble Civil War I, sans the seer).
I’m mildly curious as to how the series will play out an I will be reviewing it here after its release. I will update the blog with details as I procure them. Let me know what you guys think about the NEW upcoming Civil War II.

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