all-new-wolverine-1-coverWriter: Tom Taylor
Pencils: David Lopez
Inks: David Navarrot
Colors: Nathan Fairbairn
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Art: David Lopez, Bengal, Art Adams with Peter Steigerwald
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 11, 2015
Cover Price: $4.99 (USD)

Reviewer: John F. Allen








Friday, January 22nd, 2016

I enjoyed, “All-New Wolverine” #1. However, I’m sure like many others, I miss the Logan-Wolverine immensely. There can be no replacing the GREAT stories featuring this brilliant, flawed character, given to us by the talented, Len Wein, John Romita Sr. and Herb Trimpe.

Many long time Marvel readers will no doubt be familiar with the X-23 storyline, where the Weapon X Program was being revitalized and a clone of Logan was at the center. However, because the DNA sample was so degraded, only the X chromosome was salvageable, so the result was a female clone, Laura Kinney aka X-23.

X-23 later went on the encounter Logan and after a rocky start, developed a close relationship which lasted up until his death. Now, after the events of 2015’s Secret Wars, Laura finds herself stepping into the mantle of the Wolverine, in honor of Logan. She is a member of the All New X-Men and in a romantic relationship with Warren Worthington aka Angel.

The Story:

This issue is action packed from start to finish! The art of David Lopez delivers with explosive action scenes (pun intended) and crisp linework, give this and just the right amount of detail to make it almost cinematic. David Navarrot adds a grittier texture to Lopez’s linework, and together you’re treated to awesome finished art.

I found this to be a fresh take on the legacy of “Wolverine” that I’m sure some fans will enjoy. The idea is while we can’t help to compare Laura to Logan, we have to accept that she’s her own character despite their obvious similarities.

As for the writing, Tom Taylor gives us a fun and enjoyable opening story arc, while adding mystery and excitement in all the right places. Taylor expresses, through dialogue and situational reactions, that while she may share DNA with Logan, she is very much her own person. This is paramount in establishing her in a way that fans can respect and grow to love her.

The story opens in Paris (just outside of the Eiffel Tower), where Wolverine attempts to thwart plans of an unknown assassin to take out a dignitary. Laura manages to save the mark, but is taken out for a time by an RPG.

During her moments of unconsciousness, Laura has a metaphysical conversation with Logan about living up to the mantle of the Wolverine. Logan offers her sage advice on being a better person than he was and fighting the urge to kill, which isn’t as heavily engrained in her as it was in him.  Once her healing factor kicks in, she awakens, sheds the overcoat she’s wearing and dons the cowl of the Wolverine!

She storms the tower in search of the assassin (a masked female) and a fight ensues. The French Police arrive along with a mysterious drone. The assassin knows she’s surrounded and instead of surrendering, she takes a swan dive off the tower. Wolverine follows suit, but instead of becoming “Street Pizza”, she is caught midair by teammate and lover, Warren Worthington aka Angel.

After an explosive take down of the drone, Wolverine makes her way to the assassin and unmasks her, only to reveal a clone of herself. Instead of waiting around for an uncomfortable conversation with the authorities, she and Angel fly off.

One of the themes of this plotline is that it shares “cloning” elements with a TV series we will be reviewing here in the upcoming months, “Orphan Black” (see above). This is done in a way that I feel doesn’t cheapen the story, but gives us a great insight into the demons of Laura’s past which have come back to haunt her with a vengeance.

I think that the addition of Angel as Laura’s love interest/sidekick is a very good move, story-wise. The chemistry between these two characters is spot on and Taylor does an excellent job of writing fun and entertaining exchanges between the pair. The dynamic of their relationship, where Angel is the one concerned with her safety and apprehensive about losing her in battle, while Laura is (in full Logan fashion) a battle hardened warrior who meets any challenge head on, is a reversal on traditional male/female roles and I LOVE IT!

I highly recommend “All-New Wolverine” as a great introduction of Logan’s successor and excellent addition to the franchise and Marvel Comics in general.

***The Two Towers Rating System***

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